Managed services/network monitoring

The goal of network monitoring is to track your computer network’s activities and quickly identify the source of any issues that might crop up. Our systems let us monitor your network and devices 24/7 with a secure connection (VPN) and prevent issues with informed recommendations.

Our services include the following:

  • Analysis of your IT infrastructure
  • Identification of devices and applications to monitor
  • Identification of your monitoring needs
  • Optional support and client follow-up
  • Email notification system

Here is what we monitor:

  • Performance check: We assess your network’s performance. (throughput, latency, errors)
  • Application check: We make sure your system’s applications and processes are running smoothly. (software installed on your machines or servers)
  • Equipment check: We check the temperature and performance of your physical equipment to avoid system wear and overheating. (CPU, disks, memory modules, fan speed (ventilation))
  • Preventive check: S.M.A.R.T. monitoring system. (identification of bad sectors on hard drives, error ratios, power usage)
  • System check: We analyze your operating system to optimize its performance. (disk usage, CPU usage, random access memory)