Rdiffweb roadmap

The following roadmap represents our future plans for rdiffweb. This information is provided to you for basic purposes and is not a commitment on our part. It is likely that this roadmap changes.

Version 0.9 (release mid 2016)


  • Support python 2.7 and 3.4.
  • Fix mail notifications.
  • Add graphs to show elapse time, size, files count, etc. rdiff-backup provides a lot of statistics. I want to display them with d3js.
  • Pipe creation of tar.gz and zip archive (to reduce disk footprint and speedup download).
  • Control retention period from rdiffweb (–remove-older-than)



  • Improve administration panel to avoid editing the configuration manually.
  • Search file or folder by name
  • Support more repository type: rsync and duplicity
  • Create a debian package to install rdiffweb
  • Avoid authentication for RSS feed (using token key)

To have a better overview of the tasks we plan to complete, have a look at our gitlab repository: http://git.patrikdufresne.com/pdsl/rdiffweb/issues