rdiffweb is a web application that allows you to view the archives generated by rdiff-backup. The purpose of this application is to facilitate the management of backups and quickly restore your data. This application was originally developed by Josh Nisly. Since Novembre 2014, we are officially taking over to maintain rdiffweb.

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    Rdiffweb is an open source application under GPL. The source code is therefore available on Github.

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    Read more about where we are going with rdiffweb.


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    If you need help, have a look here to know if your question is already answer.

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    This is a starting point if you need more information about rdiffweb.


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    You may get help from the community by writing email to our Google Group.

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    Paid customer, may reach us using the contact form.

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    You may try rdiffweb using our demo web server.

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