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  • Ever since we launched the beta version of Minarca in October 2015, our team has been working to provide you with a more efficient and user-friendly version. Minarca, which allows you to back up data online through a web interface, is constantly evolving to better meet customer needs. Here is a list of changes we have made:

Web interface design

Vibrant new themes!

Authentication window of the new Minarca web interface.

  • We have chosen a new range of eye-catching colours for Minarca’s new web interface.

Download format

New drop-down menu to select the archive format to download.

  • Consolidated selection of file download formats

Folder navigation

New hierarchical folder navigation bar.

  • New buttons allow you to better navigate between the folders in your repository.

New features

  • New features in the Minarca web interface have been added to enhance the user experience.

Customized data retention history

Keep History settings for a repository.

  • You can now configure the data retention period for previous versions of your folders. This function frees up space in your user plan.

Notification system

Notification for all repositories.

  • From now on, you will receive a confirmation email when you change your email address or password. Additionally, to prevent any malfunction or error with user settings, a new notification system warns you by email if a backup has not been performed for a certain period.


  • You can now analyze your data storage information with the help of graphs.

  • Activities diagram
  • Total file count diagram

  • Respository size diagram
  • Elapse time diagram

  • If you do not already have a subscription to Minarca, we invite you to start our free 30-day trial version today!

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