About Us Patrik Dufresne

Patrik Dufresne Service logiciel inc. is a software development company, we are working with various open source software. Recently we upgraded our skills. More recently, we invested in the creation of safeguard solution for SMEs.

Patrik Dufresne

I was always passionate about computers and logistics and that since the age of 15. I was tearing up my brand new computer in order to rebuilt it! Then not long after that, I was learning computer programming. Back then I even took computer course at school in order to learn Quickbasic software.Since that early stage in my young life,I knew I was meant to be a computer geek. These days, I'm still working on my development project with the greatest passion! Everything needs to be superbe, up to date, precise and on point. My programs need to be affective, easy to use, flexible and well built as to save, back up archive. Software development for me is an Art. It takes a lot of patience and precision in order to be perfect!


In 2006, I received my diploma from college in information technology, I was studying in St-Jérome , Québec. In 2010, I received my bachelor degree in software engineering at ETS (École Technologie Superieur) in Montreal, Québec.

Professional course

Before I founded my company in 2011, I use to work for Québecor Media, IBM and Bell Canada as a software developer.

Open source software

We are working with various open source technologies. We invest a lot of effort in open source softwares related to backup, like Rdiffweb (https://github.com/ikus060/rdiffweb). Some of our solutions use web technologies, like Vaadin (https://vaadin.com/).